Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Many Faces Of Ashton

I've used these pics of Ashton before in a different layout. But I had extra play time today so I thought I would extract him and do something a little different. This little guy has so many expressions that just crack me up..and he knows it, so therefore he keeps making different faces. You all know what I'm talking about, they all know how to make us laugh.

We didn't get to spend time with him today, because, guess what??? Yesterday Big Papaw came down with shingles!! I took him to Urgent Care this morning, because of course something like this could only happen on the weekend when you can't get to your own doctor. Now he is all upset and worried because he is scared to death that Little Miss Fluff will get chickenpox 'cause she's not old enough to have had her chickenpox vaccine yet. Also, Kevin and Dawn were here earlier in the week and of course with Dawn being pregnant, that's not a good thing either. Add to that, the fact that he won't get to go to church tomorrow and he's called the kids to tell them all to stay away. So needless to say, my poor Rhett is more than a little stressed right now (which only makes shingles worse). On Monday morning pediatrician will be called for Gracie and Dawn's obstetrician will be the meantime, we will just pray that, since he didn't have symptoms or rash until last night, all will be fine.

So, that's how my day has been so far....hope yours has been a lot better. Yep, we're makin' memories..not so sure we like them though. lol

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