Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ashton is TWO

God is good and we are blessed. Two years ago today our Ashton was born 10 weeks early. He spent almost 1 month in NICU and had to wear a heart monitor when he came home. Now he is SOOOOO TOTALLY TWO!! I say it that way because I can't say "terrible two". We are just so thankful that he's such a normal,healthy little boy. His party was on Sunday, outside, at the park, temperatures were in the upper 90's and even though there was a covered picnic shed and lots of shade trees....it was HOT. Yep, ladies, today is Tuesday and I'm still recovering from this 2 year old's party. LOL.
He loves 'Pider-Man' so that's what's on his cake. In the next pic, Miss Fluff is making car sounds while blowing bubbles and Ashton is holding Gage (who has learned to make bubbles of his own, lol.) These three little ones have us totally where they want us....wrapped around their little fingers.
No..Sylvia...we didn't get him the John Deere Tractor (our daughter beat us to it).
Thanks for looking in on Ashton's 2nd birthday.

Kit is "Celebrating" from AngelScraper (when she was CJS).

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