Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Case Of The Missing Gobbler

On a cool, crisp November day, Ms. Gerri Pilgrim had gone hunting all by herself and she captured a very nice Tennessee Gobbler. She took it home with her and, not wanting to kill it right away, she posted it on her blog site for safe keeping until Thanksgiving day. Then one day she decided that she wasn't sure how good a Tennessee Gobbler would be, so she decided she would cook this one up and see if it was good enough for her Thanksgiving dinner. She had plenty of time to go hunting for another one before Thanksgiving. Well, you'll never guess what happened next...she went to get her gobbler and low and was gone!!! So all she had to serve that day was a platter of mashed potatoes and peas. Poor Ms. Gerri Pilgrim!! Do you suppose someone thought the little Tennessee Gobbler was too cute to roast and so they set it free? Maybe someone has actually stolen the little gobbler...maybe it escaped and it's hiding in a pumpkin patch somewhere. Can someone please help poor Ms. Gerri Pilgrim? I feel so bad for her (lol).!!

Background and frame from cjs "Autumn Walk" kit free on cjsscrapbookingwithattitude, pilgrim family a free gif on the web, pumpkins are a free png on the web, (Tennessee Gobbler stolen from Ms Gerri Pilgrim's blog.)

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