Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Creative Blackout??

Ever had one of these, or is it just me? I can't tell you how many pages I've started in the past few days and end up deleting them because they just don't look right to me. Anyway, I know there won't be a page created tonight because, I'm spending my time between looking at everyone else's great pages here and running into the kitchen to baste a turkey. Yep, you heard right...I'm roasting a turkey tonight because tomorrow is "Golden Group" day. Just in case you're saying what's a Golden's an outreach ministry we do at church on the second Thursday of each month. It is for senior citizens in our whole community, we have singing, a short service by a pastor (either ours or one from a visiting church) and food...lots of food. We usually feed anywhere from 80 to 120 or more senior citizens. It's such a wonderful time of fellowship. There are several of us from our church who do all the cooking. Which is why at this moment I have a 20 pound turkey in my oven! lol At church tonight, the other women said they all ready had theirs cooked...well, maybe that's what I should have been doing instead of making, deleting, remaking and redeleting scrapbook pages. LOL Oh well, I will have the turkey ready by tomorrow noon and a pumpkin pie also. Oops, gotta go baste again!!

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